How Much Does Vehicle/ Car Wrapping Cost

Vehicle Wrapping/ Car Wrapping cost depends of vehicle and colour/ finish used.
A Price Guide is Available Here. Or alternately email us a pic of your car or or call us on 01623 427813

Will Vehicle Wrapping Damage my Paintwork/ Vehicle

Applying the Vehicle Wrap Film to your vehicle will not damage your vehicle in any way, the film will actually protect your paintwork from chips, weathering. However if your vehicle  already has stone chips/ rust/ loose paintwork this will lift off when we remove the film.
Please make sure your vehicle paintwork is solid and of OEM quality.

Can the Wrap Film be Removed

Yes. The Wrap film can be easily removed with 5 years of the film being installed.
the wrapping film we use has a special removable adhesive that will come off leaving minimum glue.

Do I need to bring my own design for the van graphics/ wraps or can you design one

We can do your van graphics/ wrap designs with our in house designers so you dont need to come to us with a design, simply let us know what you are after and leave the rest to us.

What i the law on window tinting

The front side windows must let at least 70% of light through, so we do not fit any tint to the front windows as even our lightest tint will make your windows darker then 70%

How long will my vehicle wrap last and what warranty do i have

Your vehicle wrap will last between 3 and 5 years, depending on colour/ finish chosen. So your wrap will come with between 3 - 5 years warranty depending on colour/ finish.

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